i’m not on a roll, but the OP was on a roll = = so enjoy. oh and, don’t take them too seriously /)__(\

1. Tao wanted to teach Luhan how to do the splits, Luhan refused, he said that it’ll hurt him.

2. Chen is the kind of idol that is happy everyday no matter what happens.

3. Kris will finish reading all the fan letters seriously.

4. Luhan really likes Lay’s egg fried rice.

5. Sehun has a temper when he wakes up in the morning.

6. Chanyeol ate too much spicy and harsh food during puberty, that’s why his voice became like this.

7. All of the SM artiste sunbaes really like Lay.

8. Kai always make fun of Luhan’s excited and frozen expression when he saw the TVXQ sunbaes for the first time

9. Baekhyun thought Suho was a dongsaeng when he saw him for the first time.

10. When D.O’s wisdom tooth was growing, he made so much noise the members couldn’t sleep at night.

11. Tao is a camwhore, Kris mocks him all the time.

12. The physical instructor was frustrated with Chanyeol’s stiff body.

13. K’s manager and M’s manager were friends for many years.

14. Xiumin really likes chinese food.

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