recently, a whole bunch (60, to be specific) of exo-k centric sasaeng information surfaced on weibo, so the mini prayer circle (only 2 of us actually, dolly and me) decided to translate it for you guys ಥ‿ಥ

but because of massive information overload, i’ve divided them into dorm life, otp/ot6, exo m and ot12/exo versions so that it’ll be easier for you guys to digest. i’ll be posting up the dorm life version first.

EXO K dorm life & habits | OT12 + EXO M | EXO K OT6/OTP | Individual members

please take note that these are just from different sasaeng accounts and might not be 100% true. PLEASE.

  • Their dorm is very lively; they would max up the volume of their TV, thus disturbing their neighbors at night. But when the managers would come and bang on their door, everything will fall into silence

  • Suho is actually strict, but the kids don’t take him seriously. D.O is the only one who listens to Suho. The ones leading the protests are usually the maknaes; Kai even retorts that he is already well-behaved

  • Kai never cleaned up the dorm before, and he likes to generate rubbish. D.O dotes on him, so he always clean up on his behalf. Sehun used to think that it’s unfair and tried to protest, but protests are usually successful only when Kai is involved, so Sehun can only continue cleaning up obediently

  • Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s room is always the last to turn off the lights. The both of them are very noisy in their room, Sehun will go bang on the door. Kai will sleep like a dead log, he wouldn’t even know if you throw him off the balcony

  • D.O used to wake up in the middle of the night to buy fever medicine for Kai last time

  • K’s practice room is always the noisiest in the whole company

  • Sehun likes to laugh at Kai for being timid. Whenever K watches horror films together, Kai will usually be asleep. But Sehun will wake him up on purpose. He also likes to scare him. In revenge, Kai will change the computer desktop’s wallpaper to a photo of Sehun rolling his eyes

  • Kai’s sister often visits their dorm with good food, but most of them will be cleared by Chanyeol because Kai is always sleeping at that time. Suho’s family visits their dorm the least. Chanyeol’s sister will visit as well, the food she brings will mostly be eaten by Baekhyun and Kai

  • Their wi-fi is always turned on, we have received their signal many times (“we” = sasaeng fans)

  • Kai and D.O’s bed is queen sized bed while the others sleep on a single bed each. It’ll be changed in the future though

  • Chanyeol and Baekhyun had a ramen competition before. Only Kai chose Baekhyun to win

  • Kai cannot sleep with air con when he’s having a fever, so he will exchange rooms with Chanyeol. If his head hurts, Baekhyun will hug him

  • Sehun and Kai will treat Suho very well when they are craving for chicken wings and pig trotters, but after the food is being bought back, everything changes…

  • Kai won’t be able to sleep if he doesn’t eat supper. Sometimes, he even wakes up at night because of the hunger, so D.O will get up to find food for him. Kai doesn’t eat veggies either, unless it’s made by D.O

cr: Christine为梦想奋斗

translation by mini prayer circle o/ yixingdotjpg and yixingology


i’ll post the other versions later, cheers xx

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