facts are translated from korean sasaeng fansites. same old shit, read everything with a grain a salt because they might not be 100% true.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Layhan | Part 5 | Others by yixingology & oh-luhans

1. All of the members like to drink milk tea, korean fans often spot Sehun and Kyungsoo going to the milk tea shop (the chinese fan translating was going to puke at all the milk tea facts after so long OTL)

2. Chanyeol will sing a korean folk song in their dorm (the song is really high pitched) and Kai will just throw a pillow at him without hesitating

3. Kris convinced Tao that black eye rings are very unique, so Tao doesn’t bother explaining that those are eye bags instead of black eye rings anymore (edison huang u f0Ol)

4. Chen is the dishwasher in M, Xiumin often orders him around (resident troll of exo will find revenge one day. revenge is sweet)

5. Lay knows how to cook, Kris lets Lay feed himself while feeding the rest along the way (PMSL)

6. Luhan will tell Kai chinese jokes, Kai will give him face and laugh loudly (do u even understand bro)

7. Baekhyun’s “laughing point” is very high, but when it comes to Chanyeol, it drops immediately

8. Kai and Kyungsoo slowly influenced each other with their own habits

9. Kris knows the existence of “Krisyeol” (pmsl who doesn’t?)

10. Baekhyun will look at Kai and laugh stupidly, and then Kai’s hair will stand (why do i stan these people)

11. Luhan learns a funny traditional korean folk dance (video pl0x)

12. When Sehun tries to aegyo, Suho will shiver (OMFG…..)

13. Tao and Baekhyun plays the same kind of games

14. When Lay tries to be funny, Luhan won’t be able to take it

cr: EXO私身大爆料
translation: yixingdotjpg / @mochimilktea


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