back with two more rounds of exo facts from korean sasaeng fansites. same old shit, read everything with a grain a salt because they might not be 100% true.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | LayhanOthers/Masterlist by yixingology

K members will joke about Suho and Kyungsoo being the “Appa” and “Umma”

2. Tao and Kris will diss each other

3. The members know about “Hunhan” (During Tao and Luhan’s birthday party, they also called them Hunhan)

4. Lay knows how to dance Baekhyun’s “light dance” (DUDE……….)

5. Even Sehun dotes on Kyungsoo

6. Chanyeol often pulls Kyungsoo along for shopping (They were once spotted shopping at Dr. Martens heh)

7. Sehun doesn’t use honorifics when talking to Luhan in private

8. Chen is very humourous, he often makes Xiumin laugh loudly

9. Kris really likes Chanyeol’s personality

10. Kai is very mischievious in private, he’ll “threaten” Suho to say that he’s very obedient on variety shows/interviews

11. Baekhyun and Kai gets scared easily

12. Luhan and Lay knows a lot of internet terms and slangs (U R WELCOME ON MY TLIST TBH)

13. Korean fans saw Kai stuffing the lollipop from his mouth into Kyungsoo’s mouth (I just—-)

14. Tao really likes to hug the members, his roommate Xiumin is already used to it

15. Chanyeol and Baekhyun has to play until really late at night before going to sleep

16. During trainee times, Sehun and Tao had many classes together, so they’re close

17. Baekhyun has a very good temper, but towards Chanyeol……. (PMSL)

18. Tao’s ridiculous logic always infuriates Kris

19. Chen and Baekhyun call themselves dancing machines in private

20. M & K likes to surf the net during break time, they’re very clear of what the fans are doing

21. When Sehun is bored, he will think of many ways to mock or laugh at Chanyeol

22. Kris doesn’t like to play games, but his standard is higher than Tao. The IQ proves everything. (OMFG SNORTS IRL)

23. After knowing about “Hunhan”, Sehun and Luhan felt very shy

24. Baekhyun often hits Chanyeol (why is this even a sasaeng info tbh)

25. Kyungsoo is a supporter of Kai’s “fair skin”

cr: EXO私身大爆料
translation: yixingdotjpg / @mochimilktea


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