these are a few fun facts from korean sasaeng fansites that has been translated and posted on weibo. some might or might not be real so read it with a grain of salt. IF I GET STUPID ANONS IN MY ASK AGAIN I WILL NOT TRANSLATE THE OTHER PARTS I SWEAR TO GOD.


1. Luhan will immediately kick off anyone who tries to get onto his bed. The victim who suffered the most is of course Lay, his roommate.

2. Luhan will steal Lay’s snacks. (Chanyeol will also still Baekhyun’s… this whole group =_=)

3. Kai likes to sleep naked (CHILL UR TITS JONGIN STANS)

4. M will clean up the dorm themselves while K will decide with rock, scissors paper

5. Lay can cook very well, or at least better than Kris’s ramen

6. Kris and Suho usually talk a lot more in private

7. Baekhyun and Kyungsoo will often team up to bully Chanyeol

8. Sehun will convince Kyungsoo to buy bubble tea together

9. If there are spoilt socks in the dorms, they must be worn by Tao or Lay (M wears each other’s socks)

10. Tao doesn’t get fat no matter how much he eats, Lay gets fat easily

11. Xiumin will help the other members clean up their dorms

12. Kai is the #1 fan of Kyungsoo’s miso soup

13. Korean fans saw Suho and Sehun enter a men’s underwear shop

14. M & K will take care of their own underwears (…how is this a fun fact)

15. Chanyeol and Baekhyun likes to play online games

16. Chen can sleep at anywhere and everywhere

17. Kris will tell lame jokes that no one wants to listen

18. Kai is the easiest to bully in K, while Chanyeol comes second. (height advantage my ass ಠ_ಠ)

19. Tao hugs anyone he sees off the stage (is there even a difference for him on and off the stage ಠ_ಠ)

20. Luhan has a habit of recognizing his bed

cr: EXO私生大爆料


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