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  • yixing secretly accepted fan letters today and stuffed them into his new mcm backpack.


  • a fan dropped her polaroid, and kai picked it up. he then passed it to yixing infront of him. yixing stared at it for some time, before the fan said "xing xing ge, this is mine…" and yixing replied, "oh oh~ okay, here take it!"

  • yixing kept taking photos with his phone today. kris asked him, "what are you doing?" and he replied, "taking a picture of you!"

  • he ran off to find his boarding pass before boarding, and the manager started to do a head count. so he shouted, "HERE! LAY!"

  • when they were about to settle down to eat, yixing had to put his phone aside. so he started muttering to himself, "bag is over there… phone is over here…" so that he will not forget where he placed them /)__-
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[FAN ACCOUNT] When Yixing was about to eat today, he had to put his phone aside. So he started muttering to himself “My bag is over there… my phone is over here…” = =


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yixing finally applied for driving lessons on the 5th of February last week!

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Hai, um, I was wondering what you would reccommend for someone who loves to dance, but really really sucks at it and really wants to get better. Thankyu.c:

i really don’t know, because everyone needs to improve in different areas ;; but just keep practicing your core and basics. drill them into your sub consciousness! 

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Hey, I have a question was yixing a child celebrity before? Or was he just on TV one time? Also is his mom famous too?

he wasn’t a full out child celebrity but he wasn’t on TV for just one time either.

he met quite a lot of celebrities from Hunan since he was a kid because he kept entering competitions. for Star Academy, it’s a long running reality singing competition… something like American Idol. he took time off from school to concentrate on his season for a few months, and on top of that he also was featured in other variety shows because of the competition.

ehhhhhh, i really can’t give a clear standing if he’s considered a “child celebrity” or not, but people in Hunan or those who are an avid follower of Hunan Weishi channel at that point of time would have known who he is. plus he was one of the most popular contestants because of his age. when he went back to school, though, he was definitely treated like a celebrity lol. 

for his mum, she’s not famous but she took photos with a lot a lot a lot a lot of celebrities before, lol. all thanks to her son~ 

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Just wanted to tell you that your blog is my favorite Yixing biased blog ever ^_^


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Is yixings dad Asian? He looks Caucasian

…that’s.. not… his…. dad……

that’s the mc of happy camp, weijia. 

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yixing just commented on his on weibo post, "the comments are a little too much i can’t read them all…" 

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Thank you for always translating and sharing things about Lay. He's truly an angel and really one of the only idols I've seen to care so much for his fans. He's very considerate and thoughtful towards them. At the last Kcon concert I had a Lay sign and he waved to me so much and even blew me a kiss. It's beyond what I expected or needed. T-T I hope you're able to meet him again in the future! I'm glad Lay has really awesome fans like you to support him.

he goes all out!

i can’t remember how many times he mentioned about how tiring it is to be a fan, to sacrifice so much time and effort just for fan support.

literally nothing feels more blissful than having your bias really trying to understand you as a fan, and what you’re doing for him. it becomes a two way relationship, just like how we try to understand him as an idol and what he’s doing for us. 

( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v

like this. heh heh. 

and for meeting him i will just leave it to fate!

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hi i just want to say that you're sooooo cute and you can be a model because you're soooooooo cute ^^

о(ж>▽<)y ☆

thank you~ 

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hi. this is about your 'cabin crew life' but it's also about yixing sorta, so I think I could ask here. what if, like really really really what if, yixing or anyone from exo boarded the same plane as you did. can you go crazy?

i cannot go crazy though i can’t lose my cool i’m an air stewardess!!!!!111 

i will probably just write on a napkin in chinese “hi im actually a xingmi and i know everything abt u including ur shoe size and fav drink ok yes have a nice flight :^D” and put it in his seat pocket while he’s sleeping. 

or maybe just ask him during service, yknow 

"coffee tea or me???"

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my knee injury is getting from bad to worse. towards the end of second part i seriously couldn’t feel it anymore and there were a few moves you could see that my knee was getting weak :( sorry.

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