first dance collab with Akif!!! EXO’s XOXO kolon sports CF choreo hehe. unexpected right? first practice today and we pretty much learned everything!!

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just learned exo’s overdose today haha how isit

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I'm going anon because I'm a bit shy but I'd just like you to know that I really admire you ^^

nooooooooo come off anon ヽ(;▽;)ノ

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can i just say that you are like the most perfect human being on this planet okay bye ;-; ♡


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hii, your recent pic is beautiful, Is there a reason ur not active on tumblr? I really enjoy your posts :) and Lay stan

i’ve been busy flying… and… dating? sort of… but not really. and dancing of course. so yeah, i will try to update more often sorry \(^▽^@)ノ i still have loads of tumblr projects lined up for yixing!!

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omgggg i was going through your selca tag and you're just-- soo adorablleeee?!?! i was squealing in my mind the whole time oh my goddd >.< have you ever dated anyone? aajskdhakjd you're so gorgeouss

ya of course hahaha i’m turning 21 soon. thank you!! ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

Can we get a selca~ ^w^ Also on a completely different note, how did you find out about Yixing? Like, in your FAQ it says that you aren't necessarily an EXO fan, but that you just like them because Yixing is one of the members? I was wondering how you came across him and why you were drawn to him specifically. ^-^

just took it today lol

and i knew yixing the same way as everyone did, through his debut teasers n_n it’s not like i’m not a fan of exo at all but when it comes to stanning and really caring about someone it’s just him and no one else. i was drawn to his dancing first and then everything else comes after that~

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new twitter layout!!!!! \o/

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ABC’s of zhang yixing: D for dancing

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because you are loved, little prince.
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hyokaixing’s dancing 9 choreo. just learned this and it looks like shit lol but oh well… and sorry omg i went to record a pink’s mr chu cover today which explains my outfit hahaha /o\

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i am finally done with this ;n; sorry i took so long! it was hard for me to add subtitles over so many different versions of the fancams and sync everything, but if you’re a yixing stan or exo stan i really hope you can spend 6 minutes of your time to watch this wonderful boy just interacting and talking to his own fans as if he’s not a celebrity at all. i guarantee that you won’t regret it. he’s just so special i have no words.

please enjoy and share it with everyone! 

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Soompi K-Pop Dance Madness: Championship Finals


(cringes inwardly.)

apparently yixing actually made it into the Soompi K-Pop Dance Madness Championship Finals! and he’s the only EXO member to have made it this far.

currently he’s going up against GOT7’s Mark, so if you prefer yixing’s dancing over his, i strongly urge you to vote for him now!!! just go to page 3, click his name and submit. EASY PEASY.

i know this is just another voting competition, but it’s really rare that my bb finally gets to represent EXO through his dancing, so i really want him to win \O/

also, it’ll be cool if you guys can reblog this to the rest of the EXO fandom to spread the news ;a;

i mean how can he not win this shit???????

thanks guys in advance! xoxo

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ABC’s of zhang yixing: C for converse sneakers

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